Jamalabad Fort

Visible from a long distance, majestic in nature and a fun filled trek is what the mighty Jamalabad Fort is all about.

The widely famed Jamalabad Fort (also known as “Jamalagadda” or “Gadaikallu) is located at a distance of just 13kms from Hotel Sri Ram Residency. The fort was built by the former king of Mysore Tipu Sultan in the year 1794 and it has a long and rich history.

People visit for a variety of reasons – to marvel its majestic nature, immerse in its rich history or just for a fun filled trek to the top which offers a spectacular view of the surroundings. Of late, the third reason has become very popular as its fame as a trekking spot has been covered by several bloggers – both in print and video.

Whatever be your reason, Jamalabad Fort is must visit location when you visit Dharmasthala. A trek to the top should take about 4-5 hours so come prepared with essentials including water as there aren’t any shops along the way. We also recommend that wear boots for better grip and safety.

For more details regarding Jamalabad Fort or if you want us to plan a trip there please contact us and allow the best hotel in Dharmasthala take care of the planning for you!