Ram Mandir, Dharmasthala

Located at the serene shores of Nethravati river, Dharmasthala Ram Mandir is on the “must visit” list of Dharmasthala pilgrims more often than not.

In addition to the religious devotees, the place also attracts nature lovers due to its surrounding serenity. Set on the backdrop of the undulating Western Ghats mountain ranges with the twisting Nethravati river providing a graceful contrast, the place is sure to charm your heart.

Also known as Dakshinada Ayodhya Sri Rama Kshethra, the temple has mythological significance. If legends are to be believed, then Lord Rama had stayed at this place during his search for the abducted Sita (Seethanveshane). Later on, a temple was constructed on the same site, spanning across two acres of land, in the year 1978.

The temple architecture is an artistic beauty with dominant Dravidian style. Especially the sculptures and stone carvings deserve a special mention. Besides the marble idols of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, at the center of attraction is the huge sculpture of a stone chariot, “Brahnaratha”, measuring 72 feet in height – which is an architectural marvel in its own rights. To sum things up, Ram Mandir is a mandatory inclusion to any Dharmasthala itinerary. If you are concerned about time constraint, then staying at Sri Ram Residency can be an option worth considering. A lazy stroll of 10 minutes is all it takes to cover the 800 odd meters distance from the hotel to the temple.